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Boutique by nature, institutional in reach.

Next Level Assets specialise in connections that count - matching you to our network of partners, investors, sellers and buyers with expertise in regulations and getting business done.

As a first step, we’ll consult with you to discuss your requirements to ensure there is a good fit between what you want to achieve and what our partners are looking for.

We then approach our contacts to establish the level of interest in your proposition, giving them a detailed overview of your business objectives to establish if there is a potential match.

Think of us as a strategic business sounding board – we’ll help put the right measures in place so you’re in the best position to get connected - We’re the experts at creating deal flow, saving you time and costly mistakes in the process.  


A new level of relationship management

Be it facilitating product training, bringing you up to speed with change, or simply offering a friendly voice, our goal is to deliver market-leading business relationship standards.

In order to achieve this, we have launched our online Investor Control Console, providing live, 24/7 access to important up-to-date investment snapshots such as;

  • Transaction Statements – delivering all Interest and Event-based Payment transactions
  • Investor Relations – updating of important developments within your personal portfolio
  • Notifications - for the issuance of application receipts and all administrative matters
Our digital portfolio viewer coupled with a diligent and supportive team ensures comprehensive end-to-end support - owners can then focus on delivering the right products and investors can sit back and watch their income grow.

Alternative Assets

Beyond the traditional asset-classes

For investors whose primary goal is income generation, today’s low-yielding environment makes that goal challenging.

With a focus on non-corelated, special situation opportunities, Next Level Asset’s portfolio offers a strong alternative to traditional models, helping those looking to build income, and improve financial outcomes.


For Financial Advisors, our network allows you access to regular cash flow opportunities for your clients with both fixed and variable income attached to our products which are one to three years to maturity with targeted returns of 8-20% p.a.

Our products are also typically available for subscription via a regulated Life Insurance Platform provider.

Institutions and sophisticated investors have long taken advantage of these opportunities, now we have made them available to everyone!

01. The Investor Journey
Money shouldn’t be a source of friction that limits you, but a tool that works for you helping you generate momentum and move your life forward.
02. Meet Julie
This is Julie. Julie has always worked hard for her money. Julie is now eager to gain access to alternative asset classes and have her money work as hard for her in return.
03. Julie invests with Next Level Assets
By accessing investments traditionally the domain of institutions, Julie can now spread her available resources across multiple asset classes with offerings that vary in duration and yield.
04. Julie realises her “Next Level”
With Next Level Assets as her partner, Julie earns a fixed passive income of up to 20% p.a. thus generating additional wealth to fuel her life in the direction of her dreams.
05. We minimise friction & reduce fees
Traditional investment models have often involved a surplus of parties, creating friction, and necessitating higher than needed fees. We are a one-stop provider with no middleman. This means investors such as Julie receive a smoother service with typically lower fees that can be passed on as additional returns.
06. We are the future of wealth creation

We bring established asset classes to those previously left out of the game. Instead of creating products and then finding users for them, we focus on products designed specifically to generate both regular cash flows & passive income.

And we will continue to hold ourselves to that Next Level, across:

Interested in expanding your
Alternative Investment Portfolio?

Our team are here to help.

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