Broaden and diversify your client offer with exclusive, asset-backed Alternative Investments.

Next Level Assets is a private member capital marketplace that connects professional intermediaries seeking income and capital growth for their network to alternative, asset-backed lending opportunities.

All offerings available to the marketplace are sourced exclusively from our Trusted Partner network and linked to debt finance, typically in Technology, Intellectual Property, and other robust asset classes such as Real Estate.

NLA’s sourcing and Investor landscape.

Our sourcing and investment network unites the interests of 5 inter-dependent stakeholders, prioritising the delivery of service to Introducers and maximisation of returns for Investors.

Interested in expanding your Alternative Investment Portfolio?

Add our unique and exclusive asset-backed FinTech and IP Alternatives to your portfolio.

Founder or business owner looking for investment?

If you are a Founder or business owner seeking to raise money through debt finance, and have suitable asset backing, Next Level Assets may be able to help. With our Deal, Origination and Packaging ‘Trusted Partners’, NLA has the resources, experience and network to help you access funding on affordable and practicable terms.

What our
Members say

I have known Janice M., (the NLA Director of Business Development) for many years. 
She is professional, knowledgeable and trust the advice she has given me and my late husband over the years. I have been more than happy with the investment returns that she has suggested for me!

I would not hesitate recommending her to any of my friends!

J. Leadbeater, NLA Investor, Canada.

Janice and the team at Next Level Assets are both professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated. The returns are far in excess of what I have expected and certainly compared to anything else I’ve invested in with other companies. I would not hesitate to recommend them for both their expertise and Investment performance.

Mr & Mrs McBain, NLA Investors, Scotland.

The investment returns offered by NLA are impressive and flexible, which make the investments attractive to a broad range of individual investors, from small to medium. 

The 90 Day Short-Term notes are particularly attractive as they provide flexibility to rollover or to cash out, whilst providing an excellent return.

Mr & Mrs Wyatt, NLA Investors, Monaco.

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*Next Level Assets is the trading company of Global Patent Capital Corporation, a company incorporated in the Netherlands under company number 76182576.

No Financial Services: Next Level Assets* (“NLA” and/or “the company”) provides a private capital marketplace by which independent contractors & other authorised associates may introduce potential accredited investors to third-party asset-based Investee Entities. Any securities or participation interests that are issued or sold as a result of such introduction will be issued by the Investee Entity or by another person affiliated with the Investee Entity (for example a current shareholder/founder of the Investee Entity). The company is not engaged in the business of providing financial services and does not hold a Financial Services License.

NLA does not provide any financial product advice (whether general or personal) in relation to the securities or participation interests that are offered by or in any Investee Entity or in respect of any other financial product. In particular, the company makes no recommendation as to the suitability of any investment opportunity for any potential investor and does not take account of any investor’s financial situation or needs in making information about Investee Entities available to members of the private capital marketplace.

NLA does not provide dealing services in relation to any financial products, including any securities or scheme interests issued or to be issued by an Investee Entity, whether by way of arranging their issue, acquisition, variation, or disposal or by any other means.