Next Level Assets

About us

About us

Next Level Assets provides Wealth Advisors and other professionals advising HNW and UHNW private investors with institution-grade, asset-backed Alternative Investments with which to expand and diversify their client offer.

Our investment portfolio offers institutional-grade structures at levels appropriate to private individuals and Family Office. These are built around exclusive, debt-based assets not accessible elsewhere.

Next Level Assets operates in collaboration with a global network of partners, dispersed across 16 countries. This network enables the identification of exceptional asset-backed lending opportunities, and ensures high levels of Investor interest.

Best in class service and support

Our goal is to stand out amongst asset providers by offering, alongside outstanding opportunities, service solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of Introducers and their Clients.

From offering product training and keeping your team updated on product from day to day, to offering friendly but expert guidance, we aim to deliver best-in-class monitoring, flexibility & delivery.

Entry level access to Alternative Assets

Alternative Investments enable Investors to generate passive income from fixed and variable payments across a unique mix of asset types.

With a focus on non-correlated, special situation opportunities, we enable you, as an Advisor, to deploy diversification strategies regularly employed by large Institution against the investment goals of your private Clients.

We make available opportunities with varying yields, duration and entry levels.

Interested in expanding your Alternative Investment Portfolio?

Add our unique and exclusive asset-backed FinTech and IP Alternatives to your portfolio.

Next Level Assets*
Lichtenauerlaan 102,
3062ME Rotterdam,
Netherlands, 76182576*

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*Next Level Assets is the trading company of Global Patent Capital Corporation, a company incorporated in the Netherlands under company number 76182576.

Disclaimer: The company does not provide dealing services in relation to any financial products, including any securities or scheme interests issued or to be issued by an Investee Entity, whether by way of arranging their issue, acquisition, variation, or disposal or by any other means. The company does not provide any financial product advice (whether general or personal) in relation to the securities or participation interests that are offered by or in any Investee Entity or in respect of any other financial product.