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Master Patents SPV

Master Patents SPV


Any industry in which companies make substantial investments in R&D and technology results in the creation of valuable IP assets.

These assets are highly leverageable and can generate excess profits for their owners, resulting in high levels of returns compared to many other asset classes.

Institutions, litigation financiers and High Net Worth Investors are increasingly turning their attention to patents as an asset class to diversify portfolios beyond the more traditional financial instruments.

This Master Patents SPV focuses on the monetization of IP assets, deploying a range of strategies and methods to maximise diverse aspects of the asset value.

Income streams

Individual value/monetization opportunities may include:

  • Internal use in support of product/service manufacture and sales
  • Sale of the IP
  • Global Licensing-out and/or cross-licensing of the IP to various companies
  • Contribution of IP to a joint venture
  • Global enforcement/litigation against potential infringers
  • Use as collateral for financing activities
  • Defensive uses (i.e. to preclude or at least discourage competition)
  • Intellectual Property Finance – Member Benefits


Uncorrelated to traditional Capital Markets
The risk/return profile, coupled with the relatively short lifecycle of the investment, should prove attractive when seeking products where performance is not tied to Stock or Bond Markets.
Outsized historic returns
Regardless of wider economic performance, –legal claims will always emerge within commercial practice; in short, someone will always be suing someone else! Except in highly specific instances, the outcome of such claims is not linked to how markets are faring.
Very reasonable time to Liquidity
The median time to liquidity for litigation finance is around 12 - 24 months. This is a moderate time-frame when compared to other alternative assets such as Venture Capital and forms of Private Equity.

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Master Patents SPV
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