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Anyone who ever visits a website to purchase airline tickets or accommodation and finds price fluctuations from one visit to the next, or who takes a ride with Uber and is charged differently for the same journey from one occasion to another, is experiencing the effect of Surge Pricing, also known as Dynamic Pricing.

This technology is now used by global corporations across a wide variety of industries including Tourism, Transportation and Retail.

This product is built around the interests of an Australian public company which is the parent and controlling entity of patents and other associated IP that enables Surge Pricing, based on supply and demand trends without the need for constant human intervention.

Its Summary of Patent states, relating to Inventory/Surge Pricing; “If a company varies price/rate or allocation in real-time electronically of their distributed inventory based on supply and demand, they are breaching our patent”

Just about any large-scale e-commerce business that utilises Surge Pricing to sell products or services in the online the environment is a potential infringer.

Identified infringers of this IP

The following organizations are amongst those identified as infringers of this IP asset.


A hybrid structure comprising Loan Note + Ordinary shares, this opportunity combines the high growth asset classes of Patent Asset Assertion and Litigation Finance.

2-Year ‘Senior-Secured’

Convertible Note

8.25% p.a. interest

paid bi-annually

Royalty Proceeds Coupon

targeting +20% p.a. returns

Low stock-market


Accelerated Capital Growth;

30% Buy-Back Trigger (BOT) in Year 1*
Please note that the appointment of globally renowned & commercial partners ensures the Asset Assertion program is funded by established litigation funders. The funders provide the ‘At-Risk’ capital, so investor capital is not at risk.
*The BOT premium of 30% is seen to be an attractive inducement to early-stage investors, with a potential short-term exit, whilst still presenting a well-valued asset ready for acquisition by an established Fund Partner. Further information available in the current Information Memorandum is available on request.

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